My life in pictures

Well, I finally moved into the current century and got an iPhone! Is my life about to get significantly easier? :) That's what I've heard, anyway. Speaking of iPhones, I'm actually writing this blog post on my iPhone right NOW. Love it.

I'm thinking that I might begin transitioning this blog into more than just a personal style blog. I still want that to be a big part of it, but now that I know I'll be moving to Madison, Wisconsin, I think I'd like to use my blog as a way to share my experiences. I mean, I'm moving to a new city--well, a totally new region of the country, actually--where I will know practically no one. I'm going to be learning how to live in freezing cold weather (with real snow, not just a couple of inches once or twice a year). I'm going to explore new restaurants and venues and maybe a new way of life. I want to take lots of pictures and share my journey with you all. That is, if you're interested. So let me know.

I don't have an outfit post today (sorry, I've been wearing mostly tee shirts the last couple of days), but I do have some photos for you to recap my last couple of days. I've been spending time with my family, my friends, my boyfriend, and frolicking around clothing stores with my sister...and relaxing. Lots of that.

My sister's shirt//the boyfriend//my room--already messy in 24 hours//my parents with my sister's kids//Melanie and Henry//my best friend Julie and I//collage I made using PicsStitch!

I'm going to figure this iPhone thing out as I go! If you've got any tips, feel free to share them with me :)


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  1. Isn't the iPhone UH-mazing? Hope you had a great weekend!

    A Southern Drawl